An Epic Interstellar Journey by Andamen Life – Astra Collection

Hi guys. I know it’s been a while since my last blog. I have been working on my vlog which I have already started shooting and editing for. I’m really excited to begin my vlog journey. Talking about the vlog, I have also worn this shirt in the pictures from Andamen Life’s latest collection called Astra. Quoting their website, this happens to be their ‘most ambitious collection yet’.

About what motivated them for this collection, “ Our stellar journey outward led us here. We discovered ourselves while watching the stars dance in the infinite space. We struggled. We strived. We fought. We survived. We celebrated. We longed. We loved. We discovered. Now, we dream.”

About the collection: “Join three brave astronauts who set out on an interstellar journey to explore the infinite. Each shirt has a story to tell tying back to their journey where they make the ultimate discovery. The discoveries are as follows:

• Linga – A Mark
• Prana – Breath
• Akasa – Space/Sky
• Naba – Surrounded by Clouds
• Vyoma – Covered In
• Atman – Life
• Vihman – Vessel/Spacecraft
• Abram – In/Through the sky
• Vihayas – Decent through
• Naka – Heaven
• Tarapath – Path of stars
• Ananta – Endless/Infinite

They have a shirt inspired by all of these discoveries and they sent me the ‘Naka’ shirt which translates to heaven. The explanation about this shirt as well as all the others are in their website. Click here to read more about the collection.

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