Breaking Gender norms: Sticking to your Gender fluid style.

Back in the early ages, clothes were worn not on the basis of gender norms but on the basis of basic shelter. Coming back to the present day, from Zara to Louis Vuitton, the creative directors have voiced their opinion in making gender fluid style more prominent. Go hundred years back and you wouldn’t see a woman wear a trench coat and come back to the present times where you see a big name like Jaden Smith promote gender fluid style. For those who don’t know, Jaden Smith did a campaign for Louis Vuitton for their women’s collection. You could se him adorning a skirt. It was a great example set by a young man for so many other people to envisage that one shouldn’t be judged by the kind of outfit they feel comfortable to wear. Why should we conform to the gender norms of the society when you feel true to yourself wearing a certain type of outfit?

It definitely is a positive step where so many women seem to wear a lot of apparel that are made for men. But for men, it’s still quite a taboo to do so with very few big names trying to stop this distinction. Hence I feel very responsible in promoting a gender fluid style since I genuinely believe that there isn’t any distinction between clothes  and accessories for men or women.

Let’s take examples of designers and people from our own industry in India who incorporate gender fluid style with their true self. Delhi based label Dming by Diming Rubu and Anuj Bhutani are some of the few that promote men wearing their womenswear label by either encouraging them (by reposting the women-wear outfits worn by men with a compliment on their social media pages) or making male models walk the runway wearing their womenswear.
Delhi based fashion blogger Taksh aka KawaiiBloggerChan embraces his gender fluid style fiercely. Fashion model cum stylist Malkeet aka God Of The Curly World is another such example. And it feels so good to know that they are in great demand for their unique gender fluid style. Bangalore based drag performer Maya aka Maya The Drag Queen has been getting a lot of recognition for being the pioneer drag in India to get so much recognition and acceptance. These are such influencers who set a great example and awareness to many in the country.

You can clearly see that I have a gender fluid style where I incorporate jewellery and apparel that are made for women. If you’ve read and seen my previous blogs, you would know of it. The last thing I would care about is people judging me for this. If there are only a handful of those who support and incorporate gender fluid style, for them to give even a single damn about what the society or the public may think would clearly indicate our failure for those who need the support and motivation to do so. Let’s all motivate one another to live a completely prelapsarian life not because it’s the 21st century but it’s completely just and fair to do so.

About this look:
I Layered this cardigan made of natural and unprocessed jute fabric with this polo neck sweater by HM Weeknd collection and paired it up with a ton of silver jewellery to have a slightly earthy touch to my look. I shot this look at Jai Govind Stud Farm in Jaipur which has over 200 horses and couldn’t have found a better place. Shot by the very talented Prachi Sharma (@thirddimension).

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