Destination Wedding – Formal Wear

Wedding bells! Wedding bells! Wedding bells! Gives me the jitters all the time since I either have to get a suit tailored for me or need to buy a pair or more of formal wear for the occasion. But since its been a while since I have attended a wedding, I happened to attend one finally. Can I say the location being Goa made me say yes?! Don’t kill me friend. 😛

I am a sucker at formal wear. In fact in a year or so you will see  tremendous improvement on the basis of me wearing more formal wear, now that I have set up my blog. Yes you will! Back home in Nepal, I got this suit tailor-made. The beige colour really appealed to me as in the past, I have always worn either blue or black suits. So this three-piece english cut suit was my choice. I prefer the english cut as it makes me look taller, younger and slimmer. Although the latter characteristic is irrelevant for me as I get that a lot from my peers.



Anyhow! I stayed at Ramada Caravela Beach Resort in South Goa which has a huge and beautiful property with a private beach. The good thing about private beaches in South Goa unlike North is that the water is super clean and nearly looks blue (although the Arabian sea is more towards brown in color). Also when they say private, it is private all around till further site as there are very few people on these beautiful scenic beaches. I have understood the beauty of South Goa over North Goa and would always prefer to stay south if I visit Goa for the purpose of taking a break from the hullabaloo of Mumbai City. Take my word for this, if you’re a fan of Goa and have never been down south, you must pay a visit to this solitary part of Goa where you would not find disturbances of any kind howsoever.

So my three piece-single breasted beige suit with flap pockets was the perfect choice for an outdoor event under the sun. I had to wear something light so as not to sweat or faint with the scorching heat. Pastel colour makes you stand out amongst others in weddings, generally. I mixed my neutral suit with a pop of pastel pink and added some fun by throwing a bow tie. I am a sucker for designer belts so this is one them from my collection. I purchased this pink shirt from Eternal Sunshine,  black bow tie from Zara, black suede shoes from Zara and  black leather belt from Louis Vuitton. I have unbuttoned the last button of my waist coat and this is a Must-Do for all those wearing waistcoats with their suits. Also when seated I always tend to undo my jacket button as it is way more comfortable and most importantly will not wrinkle your jacket.

Here’s to many more weddings!

PS: Pardon the heavy winds that blew me over in the pictures. 😉 All my pictures are clicked from the iPhone 7 plus.






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