Here’s what happened at the #LoveScotch Event by Homegrown and my Visit to Cottons & Satins Store

Hola! Last week has been quite a treat for Mumbaikars as the weather had suddenly dropped making it cool and rather chilly at times. Last Tuesday was also the lowest temperature recorded in Mumbai since the past four years. But yesterday was also the hottest day recorded in the last four years. That is Mumbai for you guys who do not know yet.

On the 10th of February 2017, I happened to attend the internationally famous #LoveScotch event by Homegrown to celebrate International Scotch Day. When it is an Homegrown event (I know how exclusive they are with hosting events), I do not tend to miss it as they have consistently had succesful ones. Not realizing it was that big of an affair though, I was simply dressed wearing a black tee with my tortilla brown sweatpants. But the crowd was young and consisted of those who had a taste in art. I say that because the event boasted of several art installations which were a treat to the eyes or to the camera for clicking nice pictures.

Source: Homegrown
#LoveScotch by Homegrown
At the #LoveScotch event hosted by Homegrown
With my sister Vedika Rana. Source: Homegrown
With my sister Vedika Rana. Source: Homegrown

Freida Pinto launched the event and scotch was ready to be served to all the guests henceforth. From Johnnie Walker, Black & White, Black Dog to VAT 69, they had it all. In other words it was a treat to the scotch drinkers. All of this was topped by great music played from the console by Begum X, Zokhuma and many more artists. Also serving some mouthwatering food was India’s favourite celebrity Chef Kelvin Cheung.

Jamewar Collection at Cottons & Satins
Sitting by the Jamewar Collection at Cottons & Satins


Prior to this, I visited my friend Dushyant Raj Sapra‘s (Managing Director) store called Cottons and Satins. Cottons and Satins offer interior consulting & customization services. The store is like a dream home or pad you would want to own – An Architectural Marvel. They have placed all their products so beautifully and can clearly make out that a lot of thought and process has been put through to create the store.

Cottons & Satins Decor
Decor – porcelain jars with terrarium plant pots


You will find beautiful crates suspended from the ceiling wall, tons of upholstery options, pretty terrarium plant pots and so much more spread over 6000 sq. ft. giving you a visual treat in every way possible. Honestly, this store gives you so much motivation to make your home look pretty and clean with the correct aesthetics. In this store you will find all hues of upholstery stacked up neatly around the store. I would not want to give off more about the store and would prefer you visit the store yourself in Worli to absorb the energy. Psst, the store has some great tote bags and some endearing scented candles for the romantics.

Crates with mahout cushions
Mahout cushions in crates suspended from the ceiling


What I wore:

Black tee – HM

Tortilla brown sweatpants – Forever 21

Brown morgue sneakers – Pull & Bear

Messenger bag – Louis Vuitton


Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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