My First Post – Getting the perfect street style look!

Hi Guys! Although I have posted a blog six months ago when I just bought my domain, this should be my first official blog. A New Year, that too one that adds up to a ‘1’ number year (2+0+1+7=10; 1+0=1) means it should be great for those who are looking for a new start. Yes I do get intrigued by numerology and astrology although i’m not quite sure if I believe in them comprehensively.

I will be posting blogs related to fashion and events taking place from my personal life. Focusing mainly on fashion, I will also blog about all the interesting things I come across that could be anything from good food I consume, beautiful travel destinations, fun shoots I work for, aesthetically pretty locations I visit, a fun night out, my personal expressions of culture, art and current affairs and many more. So stay tuned if you are reading this.

Finally getting to the topic, I sit with my school friend Soyang Palbheu (who has taken the pictures for this post) in front of my closet and take out a bunch of outfit options to wear for my first shoot of my blog. This is my first blog so I need to make sure I look great! Of the vibe I wanted, it was that of a casual, smart, streetwear look. I have this long faded black tee that I bought from HM a year ago which I really wanted to wear. However in the past when I put it on, it looked like a black dress on a guy as the tee had no curves and came straight down to your knees. Thrown right back into my closet, it was never experimented with, after. But now that I have started The Style Versatile, I instantly felt the urge to challenge myself to make this tee look good on me.

Well, layering was the only way I could take this process any further. So I picked up my classic red checkered shirt (which everyone must own) from Zara and wrapped it around my waist. The straight falling tee immediately came to life and I knew that I needed to continue with this look. So I paired it up with my favourite slim fit black pants and my hi-tops that I bought from Versace.

Okay there are some who judge, so I should explain this in detail. I think the best quality apparels are from high end brands no doubt, and quality plays a key role for me before I buy anything. I do make sure to mix them with some great high street brands since I am not in favour of the concept of Brand Synergy. I find Brand Synergy to be a pure marketing gimmick, be it for high end or high street. But I shall talk about that in length in one of my future posts. For now lets get back to my look.

The red checks on the shirt and the gold medusa on my hi-tops are enough color contrasting to my not so ‘All Black Look’ that I intended to create. I paired these with two beaded black bands that I got from Koovs. In such a warm and humid climate like that of Mumbai, there is no way that I would put on a jacket, however ย much I felt like. But the idea of draping it on my shoulders not only solved the purpose of my climate woes, but it also is a recent trend that continues to blossom till present date. Vogue has come up with the term ‘Coat Slinging’ and Cosmopolitan calls it ‘Shoulder Robing’. When such terms are given to a trend, you know that it has blown out of proportion, in a big big way. So I put on my black wash denim jacket on and my look was instantly complete.

It is so important to segregate your clothes from your closet and keep some time aside to pair them with your other outfits. Trying them at home can never harm anyone even if it does not look up to the mark. I have discovered the use of so many outfits which I would have never worn if I had not experimented by trial and error/ mix and match. I have been to actors houses for their fittings while styling them but weirdly never realized I should follow the same process for myself as well before heading out for an occasion. It definitely makes all the difference. Although I must admit that at most occasions I just pair a plain color tee with my jeans and head out, either wearing my favourite classic Diesel boots or my white Superstars from Adidas Originals.

So take my advice and let me know how well you fared. Ciao!

Picture taken by Soyang Palbheu

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