Rajasthan Calling!

Well, its my birthday month and I love getting away from the conundrums of a metropolitan city to be at a quaint and beautiful place where I can absorb all the fruitful energies that the place offers so as to go back to the city of dreams all charged up and ready to face the world. I do not know how to explain, but I really need that time to sit back and just absorb all the activities and events that have taken place the entire year. It truly recharges you. I just visited home back in Nepal for a week so there is no clearer sign than for me to Visit my second home – Rajasthan this birthday. Well, time is running and this may sound crazy but i have only planned all of this in my head. I guess the publishing of this blog would be the factor for me to make it happen (unless I get a work offer I cannot refuse). So here’s dreaming and hoping for this trip to work out. If I do go, I’ll be visiting some really beautiful cities there which I do not want to disclose just as yet because I truly believe in the power getting Jinxed. Let me give you a hint – The two cities I wish to travel aren’t too populated and are a spectacle of a sight. While one boasts a beautiful lake in the center of the city, the latter is known for being surrounded completely by the Thar desert. Comment below with your guesses and I shall definitely give you a shoutout if you even get one right. Go ahead, comment below!

While I’m feeling the vibe and energy of Rajasthan, I’m sharing a shoot I did in the grand and enigmatic ‘Royal Heritage Haveli‘ in Jaipur. This royal Haveli was built way back in the 18th century and this heritage site has opened its doors for the world to experience after 150 years as a boutique hotel. I really am not advertising here, but I have seen extremely happy guests all the time I visit the heritage hotel for their lavish High tea they serve from their in-house restaurant. The venue had a smorgasbord of beautiful spots to snap some great shots.

I picked this shirt up from a renowned shop from Hawa Mahal market who’ve been making these block print shirts for centuries. This particular shirt caught my eye for being different over the rest of block print shirts. The contrast of the block prints with the stripes in the lower half and collar region added an edge over the rest.

Shirt: Thrifted from the Hawa Mahal market

Trouser: Gucci

Sunglasses: Titan Eyewear

Shot by: Prachi Sharma

Location courtesy: Heritage Haveli Hotel, Jaipur




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