Royal Blue – Jodhpur ft. Philocaly Menswear

I relate to the term ‘Feeling Blue’ as feeling fresh, energetic and vibrant. I look at it from a more positive approach. Our only physical imagination of heaven is the sky, and when you look up, what colour do you see? Blue. hence I cannot associate the colour with anything negative. Jodhpur is a city I have been wanting to visit for a long time as it is popularly known to be the blue city where you can get atop a fort and overlook a city filled with blue houses. How lovely does that sound? Well it really is as beautiful as you imagine, but I must say that I always ignored the fact that it would be hot AF. Talking about hot, isn’t blue a cooling contrast to that? Such is Jodhpur. For the look, I wore this smart powder blue asymmetric shervani that has a minimally embellished collar from Philocaly Menswear‘s Summer ’17 collection. You must checkout their Indian Wear which has elements of modernity in each piece. It was such a treat to choose my favourite outfit from their collection to blog about. They are also really well priced. So for the young and fashion conscious enthusiasts, you must check out their collection.

I have paired this look with these really smart penny loafers which has a patina finish with shades of rich red and maroon from The Tated. The makeup done by my friend Devangana Rathore was that of a kohl eye look. So they aren’t my dark circles, just incase you seem to think so. 😉

Shot beautifully by Prachi Sharma. Thank you for getting the best results out of me in spite of the fever and flu I had while shooting. Also checkout this cool video shot by the talented Rudhrani Rathore of the this look. Thank you for making this happen and bringing more life to my blog.

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