The Andrea Palladio Marvel ft. Taj Falaknuma Palace

Blogging for me may have started for the craic, if only I knew the hard work and time that needs to be put in to function or even qualify as one. You need to stay relevant, stand out, have your niche audience and always persist. So have a dekko at my latest look and get immersed in the beauty of the Palace that is – Taj Falaknuma Palace. I have heard from every single person who has visited the palace that it is one of the most magnificent marvel they have ever come across. I have previously shot across beautiful palaces in and around Rajasthan and this was long pending on my bucket list. For that I would like to thank Taj Hotels for taking such good care of me for the few hours I was at the premise while shooting. I must commend the Biryani that was in the menu of the palatial property restaurant.  A bite more of the biryani and I would busticate there and then. I cannot believe I had the cheek to eat like a glut during my shoot, but there was no way I would miss such an opportunity.

The shoot at Taj Falaknuma Palace was basically an afternoon paseo around the palace for me while Prachi would tell me to stop at some spots and I would give my best pose. It was an exploration around the premise while we learnt of new places and made sure to cover it up well. With the warm hospitality of the staff all around, it made the experience even more fruitful. I must commend the effort made to restore such a beautiful palace that took about 10 years and to maintain it consistently. The palace is truly a sight to behold.

The last Nizam of Hyderabad had numerous contributions towards the British and Indian armed forces and this Military jacket from Burberry was apt to wear for the shoot. My family happens to be from a bygone era of ruling aristocracy and all my ancestors also had a huge contribution towards military. Most of the ruling members and their brothers were in the army force prominently. Wearing this military jacket felt like an ode to the past rulers of this region who have endlessly supported the military forces to secure the nation and themselves from the world.

Outfit Credits

Military Jacket: Burberry

Denim Jeans: Gucci

Black Medusa Harness Boots: Versace

Photography: Prachi Sharma

The Style Versatile by Parakram SJB RanaThe Style Versatile by Parakram SJB RanaThe Style Versatile by Parakram SJB RanaThe Style Versatile by Parakram SJB RanaThe Style Versatile by Parakram SJB Rana

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