Meet my Travel Planner – Alexa

There is a heap of information one has to acquire before travelling to a certain city, country or so. The pleasure I got by taking complete help from Amazon Echo and Alexa to plan my recent trip to Goa was extremely satisfying.

I love travelling and I’m always on the move and to make sure that I never miss out on carrying important items or figuring out the finer details of my trip – Alexa is my buddy. I start simple by finding out important local information about the place, then create my checklist by simply saying “Alexa, create a list called travel checklist”. After that it is as simple as adding items to my checklist from: doing the web check-in, to packing my portable charger, buying new sunglasses and so on. Every time I decide to travel, I just have to go through my checklist with Alexa and stay on top of things.

Relaxed in Goa thanks to Alexa. 😉

As you must have seen my Page on Instagram, I travelled to Goa for New Years. This time I wanted to be more prepared before heading there so that I could make full utilization of the time I spend there. Starting from the weather of Siolim in Goa, I got an idea of what I should carry for my travels. I expected it to be colder there but just one ask of “Alexa, whats the weather like in Siolim” meant I don’t need to take my woollens. I happened to be travelling with my friend from Argentina who wanted to know more about the city, and of course Alexa came to the rescue. He was happy to know about the Portuguese influence as well as the 17th century churches that are in Goa. When asked about the native language of Goa for our general knowledge, we were informed by Alexa about the Konkani language.

Alexa is just a call away.

We could even get more in-depth information on some places. At the voice command of “Alexa, tell me about Basilica of Bom Jesus”, she told us about the church being a UNESCO world heritage site. She even helped us with information about the rest of the churches, beaches, forts and so much more.

Now Goa is famous for its beaches and we had a huge task to shortlist the best of them. Alexa helped us to narrow it down by mentioning the names of some beaches such as Arambol Beach, Anjuna Beach and Palolem Beach and told us about the specialities of each as well. Apart from the beaches, we wanted to know about the famous restaurants in Goa. We made a list with the help of Alexa and had a great experience trying them all. The Black Sheep Bistro Goa was my favourite of them all.

One of the things I struggle with during my travels is packing and making sure I get all the important things. At any time, I could say “Alexa, add toothpaste to my shopping list” or “Alexa, buy Sunscreen 50 SPF from Amazon” and I was ready for my Goa holiday.

I also made sure that I set a reminder about packing the last minute things I tend to forget. As I had a morning flight, I made sure to tell Alexa to set an alarm at least three hours prior to my flight and set one more alarm thirty minutes after the first alarm so I positively wake up with some good holiday music!

Overall, Alexa did make it way more convenient for us to find out some fun and important information about Goa before we actually travelled there. The fact that I wrote down some information on my diary and planned out a rough structure about the trip, gave me a sense of relief. Plus, through reminders, alarms and lists, she made sure I never felt at a loss during my trip.

The next time you plan a trip, make sure you Ask Alexa!

Also, don’t forget to checkout the video I created for Amazon Echo about how my day is so much more fun thanks to the very witty ‘Alexa’. Here’s the link:

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