TSV X Bobo Calcutta – A Symbol of Defiance

Wearing an outfit that looks great on you makes you feel great and confident. Wearing the same, but which openly promotes free love and equality gives you a certain responsibility when wearing the outfit. Bobo Calcutta is such a label based in Kolkata that promotes love by choice and equality for all freely through the work of art created by Ayushman Mitra and incorporated as prints on his ready to wear label. Not to mention the outfits that are made without keeping in mind the gender of the people who would be wearing them. In other words, their outfits are gender fluid and every item of their label can be worn either by male or female. There are no barriers when it comes to gender in their label and that itself is a very powerful message they have set across. Ayushman Mitra along with Jeet Shahi create these garments in pure silk and muslin with unique prints in limited edition that would not be repeated again. Yet, the aesthetic of Ayushman’s art is clearly visible with his distinct style of art which seems to have been inspired by cultures of Bengal and Rajasthan where he has spent most of his life. A 100% gender fluid label is a one of a kind in India and a handful around the globe as it is a very challenging and new concept. This shows their true determination to express their defiance against the societal norms.

About this look, this light and breezy shirt was perfect to shoot in the scorching heat of Jaisalmer. This was the look I had to shoot in the desert as for me, the desert symbolizes a sense of freedom, openness, new beginnings and many great opportunities. I paired this shirt with black harem pants that I bought in the streets of Thamel in Kathmandu, Nepal. These were paired with anklets made by the local residents of Jaisalmer that I picked from the Jaisalmer fort street market. I wore this sandal which had a really different take on greek sandals by adding laces to it. This is from the label called Daponair. They have really dapper footwear, do check them out. I finished this look with the hexagonal Rayban sunglass.

Shot by: Prachi Sharma (@thirddimension)

Production: Maaghvendra Singh Bhati

Location: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

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